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People with Disabilities - IBM and Ogilvy

A conversation focused on diversity

We believe in building inclusive behavior

Across the Middle East and Africa region, we noticed ddifferent levels of acceptance re the integration of People with Disabilities (PwD) in the workplace. Where some countries accept working with PwD as the norm, others do not.
We wanted to change this.

Truly inclusive conversation

As a first step, we chose to work with PwD across the region and asked them why they enjoyed working at IBM, moving the focus away from the actual diversity challenges we experience in the workplace.

The result

Inclusive conversation

Using real voices for change

Using open conversation for change

Having the right on and offline conversion to facilitate change

Beyond just 'raising awareness'

Leveraging Inclusivity for a larger conversation

Accessible and clear

Using commuincation as an effective tool for change

Clients and partners

The team

Jos Dirkx
Marketing and Communications
Will Rust
Ogilvy Lead
Maged Wassim