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mGirls provides free, safe and accurate health information to over 65,000 girls across South Africa

With accurate health information, girls are empowered to make stronger decisions

We realized we needed away to get accurate information out to young people. Quickly. Efficiently. And, free of charge.

This is what we did

Through the design of a mobile health campaign, alongside Mxit Reach in South Africa, we developed a massive drive to reach over 65,000 girls with free, daily health information.
When a girl accesses mGirls through mXit, she has access to a safe space with information that helps her make stronger choices sent straight to her phone. It’s anonymous and it’s accurate.

The result

65,000+ girls reached

65,000 girls across South Africa received accurate health information via their mobile phone

Data Insights

Never-before-seen or tracked data about girls’ health

Open dialogue

Through mGirls, we created a safe space for open conversation

Clients and partners

The team

Jos Dirkx
Jade Isaks
Maru Fourie
Mxit Reach
Andrew Rudge
CEO Reach Trust