AI + EI personalized learning platforms

Beenova AI uses AI and EI to track lifelong learning patterns and build human capital

Dell EMC - Releasing Female Potential

A program for technical and professional women


mGirls provides free, safe and accurate health information to over 65,000 girls across South Africa

Girls & Football

An award-winning NGO focused on the development of girls through sport, media and education

People with Disabilities - IBM and Ogilvy

A conversation focused on diversity

Girls Do Good

An Augmented Reality kids' coloring book about superheroes changing the world


Working with boys and men to decrease gender-based violence


Bringing real technology solutions to the forefront of digital storytelling

Leymah Gbowee

Telling a Nobel Peace Prize Winner's Story

International House

Transforming Global Perspectives

DXB Academy

Using AI and EI to
re-inspire creativity
for professional

Jos Dirkx

A #BossPublicSpeaking Instagram Course