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Measuring real impact

We realized building a bridge between technology and people was key if we wanted to show IBM’s real impact and capacity to create authentic change.
That’s why we told IBM’s story through the eyes of those most affected.

Africa’s powerful tech changes

In Kenya, we shared how the Middle East and Africa University Program, together with IBM training and faculty members, leveraged the latest technologies.
In South Africa, our focus was on how Watson’s cognitive powers are transforming health care.
In Kenya, the strategic collaboration between garbage trucks and data analysis demonstrated just how innovative we can be in combating traffic.
Across Africa, digital developements are heppening at an unprecedented rate
How can IBM Watson help call agents deliver a better customer experience?
There are few urban challenges greater than traffic
Students will innovate tomorrow and change everything

Creative storytelling and tech

Through a creative, digital storytelling approach fueled by trips across the continent, we captured the moments that mattered the most. We looked at how these new technologies inspired change across education, the environment, and healthcare. We told the story via video, print, digital and social.

The result

3.7 million impressions

3.7 million impressions across TED platforms

42% video completion rate

42% video completion rate (benchmark 37%)

10.98% CTR on desktop

10.98% CTR on desktop (industry average at 5% – 8.8%)

2.26% on mobile

2.26% on mobile (industry average at 1.5% – 2.6%).

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Brand Lead
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TED Lead