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AI + EI personalized learning platforms

Beenova AI uses proprietary algos and AI to track measure positivity, productivity, and Emotional Intelligence, backed by socially conscious content and phenomenon-based learning

Artificial Intelligence and Emotional Intelligence

We leverage the latest NLP and recommendation algorithms to understand the emotional state of a student and deliver dynamic personalized content, seamlessly closing education gaps and strengthening the relationship between the student, the teacher, parents and the world.

Our work helps kids build consciousness, intelligence and happiness

Beenova AI:
• Creates a Learning DNA for each student
• Delivers the right content to the right student at the right time
• Tracks student happiness and engagement levels via NLP
• Teaches and measures skills of the future

Which leads to:
• Stronger, healthier minds
• Curiosity, creativity and critical thinking skills
• Teaching a student in the way they learn best

Each sentiment is tracked

Personalized learning shapes a student’s future. Our NLP, PBL and social impact approach focus on teaching relevant content and collecting world-changing data.

The Result

Learning moments



NLP and Recommendation Algorithms


Using one of the world’s most advanced learning curricula


Selected as part of MIT EF’s semi-finalist start-ups

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The team

Jos Dirkx
Antonios Kondis
Jade Isaks