Our Projects

Dell EMC - Releasing Female Potential

A program for technical and professional women

We created a bespoke AI training, delivered in person at Dell's Headquarters in Dubai, UAE

By leveraging the latest AI algorithms on sentiment tracking, emotional well-being and mindfulness, we were able to deliver a customized training to the Dell team. By identifying powerful data and insights to help us structure our training, we were able to leverage deep discussions, power team building and effective solo work.

Through our AI algos, Dell knows more about their employees than before

We are able to provide never berfore seen insights on employee happiness, mindset and engagement through our immediate, customized algorithms. By ensuring each employee has their own private classroom, it’s possible to serve relevant information directly to their inbox – customized to meet their mindset, consciousness and preferred learning style.

The Result

Hands on Training

Delivered to a team at the Dell EMC HQ in Dubai, UAE

Leveraging the latest AI algorithms

Using NLP and Recommendation Algos to understand sentiment, emotion and mindset

Delivering Topical and Relevant Content - in Real-time

Meeting each employee where they need to be met with handpicked content and curricula

Personalized Learning Solutions

Solutions that cater individual needs, with insights that support the organization’s growth.

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The team

Jos Dirkx
Monique Liebisch
Marketing Manager
Antonios Kondis
Twanay Rumble
Community Manager