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Girls & Football SA

An award-winning NGO focused on the development of girls through sport, media and education

Changing the lives of girls

The award-winning Girls & Football SA focuses on the development of girls and young women in South Africa through sport, media and education.

By involving the local and global community in encouraging the use of sport as a development tool for girls, we raise awareness about important issues that influence girls and women around the world. On the ground, we conduct workshops combining life skills training and football to empower girls at a grass roots level.

This is what we did

Our workshops all over South Africa reached over 3,000 girls by offering a safe space to discuss issues, play football and learn important life skills. We were able to challenge pre-existing stereotypes on women’s football, challenged detrimental issues such as ‘corrective rape’ and created safe spaces to discuss issues like teenage pregnancy and rape. 93.1% of the girls we worked with feel more confident since joining Girls & Football.


In addition to our girls’ programming, we developed 10 short clips and 1 award-winning documentary focused on creating awareness for the state of women and women’s football in South Africa.

The Result

70,000 reached

Over 70,000 girls reached via our mobile health campaign

30 workshops

Over 30 workshops per year

700 interviews

Over 700 boys intereviewed to understand trends in gender norms

5 awards

Five awards won including recognition from the first Lady Michelle Obama

Media and partners

The team

Jos Dirkx
Sonia Bianchi
Myrna Lemmens
Project Manager
Dewi Spijkerman
Monitoring and Evaluation and Trainer
Nancy Selema
Jade Isaks