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DXB Academy

creativity for
professional success

Turning up as your most expansive and creative self

It’s time to re-think education. That’s why the DxBAcademy focuses on re-inspiring creativity for professional success. The DxBAcademy methodology focuses on three types of learning: emotive, hands-on and digital. We combine these elements to ensure a seamless learning experience.

We want people to work better. And, be happier!

Emotive learning leverages strategic emotional awareness to accelerate leadership skills through an intuitive approach. Hands-on learning means rolling up your sleeves. Digital learning means you have the option to share your thoughts, while we capture the data in real-time.

The Result

In-person workshops

Over 3,000 audience members

Global Presence

Workshops across Africa, Europe, Middle East, North America

Inspired by the arts

Theatre and cognitive based learning approach

Media and partners

The team

Jos Dirkx
Stephan Hoffman
Maheen Mansoor
Business Development